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You are made of stardust;

You have the strength to move mountains;

Your time is still to come;

You are deserving and worthy.


Your absence makes me glitch


sherlock holmes had always played his violin to cope. he would play it on danger nights, and harsh screeching sounds would echo through the flat. he would play it when he had a nightmare, and soft comforting sounds would fill the room. he even played to cope with loss, dark mournful sounds floating down the stairs. so when john watson died, he automatically went to pick up his violin, but he found that he couldnt play a note.


Sherlock au where teen John and teen Sherlock live in the same building and they like to have long conversations (Sherlock talking, John listening) by their windows!

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Letskillhiatus Graphic Battle: round 4 - movie poster

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The background is painted with coffee and espresso and the splatter are acrylics;
Green, blue, yellow pastels for the eyes and white colored pencil for highlights (hair);

Too late to go on the record?

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An Edit a Day - Benedict Cumberbatch - [340/?]

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middle-earth meme: [2/5 quotes]

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